Month: <span>October 2020</span>

What Should be the Duration of Your Term Policy?

Life insurance is a necessity today, and it should be a part of your financial portfolio. When you are young, you may not think of investing in life insurance. With time, when you settle down in life and start a family, you feel the need to secure your family’s financial future. We understand that life […]Read More

Reason Why You Need To Take Advantage Of Checking Account

You may have come across ads in your local papers or online asking you to open a  free checking account. This account might be why you or your business needs at the moment. If you have no previous knowledge of what it is, or you need more convincing, here is why you should quickly take advantage […]Read More

Corporate Bonds: Importance of the Prospectus 

A prospectus is a legal document that explains the investment offered to the investors. Corporate bonds also have this, and this is very important for those who are planning to invest in corporate bonds. Read on to learn more about corporate bond prospectuses.  Types of Prospectuses  When you’re looking at bonds, there are two specific […]Read More

Entrepreneurial Taxes As per the Company Start Ups

The entrepreneur declares, each month or each quarter, the amount of turnover he receives. In the absence of revenue collected over the declared period, the entrepreneur declares a turnover of zero. No social contributions for a micro-enterprise without turnover In the absence of turnover, the entrepreneur does not have to pay contributions to the social […]Read More