What We Do Secretly in Paris: The Fragrance An Olfactory Experience You Wouldn’t Want to Forget

 What We Do Secretly in Paris: The Fragrance An Olfactory Experience You Wouldn’t Want to Forget

What We Do in Paris Is Secret comes from the American company A Lab of Fire. It is the second product in the line, and Dominique Ropion, a master perfumer, created it in 2012.

First of all, I’d like to say that this perfume doesn’t remind me of the raunchy side of Paris or of places you might have been but didn’t want your parents or kids to know about. I accept Paris depicted here isn’t to be kept a mystery. It is the Paris experience you would need to educate everybody concerning to make them envious – a lavish, unwinding, and costly French capital.

That is, What We Do In Paris Is Confidential, or essentially WWDPIS, summons pictures of extravagant Spa Lodgings in which everything is flawlessly perfect and white – towels, bed sheets, walls, improvement, furniture – in the most elegant way.

I imagine myself in an elegant spa hotel when I wear WWDPIS. First, take a bath in the dark with white rose petals, shea butter, rose-scented oil, and moisturizing buttermilk in the bathtub. I treat myself to a soothing massage with silky body lotion by candlelight after wrapping myself in a plush towel that smells like the most luxurious fabric softener. I then don a velour jacquard cotton bathrobe and wrap myself in it.

I return to my hotel room after this enjoyable experience and lay down to sleep in my Egyptian cotton sheets. This experience could be in any spot of the world, besides here, I am reveled with cups of hot tea and French almond macarons all through the whole experience. Do check out this paris perfume

In outline, What we do in Paris is Secret scents like a costly body salve and cleanser, lavish clothing conditioner, and almond vanilla. It is fine, rich, sweet, and clean. While wearing this perfume, I am reminded of white and textures that are plush, fuzzy, cottony, and soft. It promotes a sensorial experience.

It is a more cozy fragrance, in any case, life span is perfect. The following are some notes: vanilla, rose, white honey, litchi, bergamot, heliotrope, tolu balsam, sandalwood, and tonka bean

Although honey, litchi, and vanilla give the impression of a gourmand scent, I would rather describe it as an ambery, powdery, and musky (clean) scent. It has some sweetness, but not too much

I like to put on this scent before going to bed. It causes me to feel better and loosened up resting over newly clothed bed sheets.

If you are looking for discontinued or hard-to-find perfumes like Kenzo Amour and Joop Le Bain, give What We Do in Paris In Secret a shot. Although the experience is very similar, it is not a duplicate.

Paul watson