What is Fix and Flip Loan?

 What is Fix and Flip Loan?


If you are just getting started in the housing business, a fix and flip loan is a great way of financing. It’s a great way for you to make a good living, or to make extra money by buying a house, renovating it, then updating it and putting it on the market. If this is your first venture, it may be difficult to raise the capital necessary to get you started. These are the things you should know to help you get started in the fix and flip industry.


Remember that most cases can be resolved in less than one year. This makes it almost impossible to get a fix and flip loan from a bank. The interest earned from long-term financing agreements is what banks make their money. They don’t enjoy the loan amount being paid off in less than a year. This type of financing is possible only if you find a lender willing to offer a short-term agreement.

The Right Property

Finding the right property is the first step. It is important to find a property that is affordable and in good condition for renovation. Be on the lookout for homes that are in foreclosure or have suffered water damage or fire. Once you have found the perfect place and you feel you can make a profit, you will need to get a fix-and-flip loan.

Get your paperwork organized

Before you meet someone to discuss financing, ensure you have everything in order. To ensure that lenders don’t consider you a risky borrower, take a look at your credit score. To prove how much capital you have, make sure to have all your documents. Also, you should have your pay stubs and W-2s as well as tax returns to prove your income.

Understanding the Calculation

These cases may have a slightly different approach to financing. This is not a traditional mortgage. The amount they are willing to lend you will be calculated by looking at your cash reserves, credit scores, expertise and the price of the unit that you intend to rehabilitate. They will also consider the cost of renovating or repairing the property as well as the value of the final product.

Learn the term

These deals usually last between six and 18 months. Although some companies may allow extensions for three months, it is important to have a realistic plan for the completion of the rehabilitation and sale of the property before the time runs out. You could end up in serious trouble if you don’t allow yourself enough time.

A fix and flip loan is a great option if you are looking to enter the home-remodeling industry but don’t have enough cash. Private fix and flip loan lenders like CambridgeHomeLoan, may help you in all aspects of Fix and Flip loans. If you use the tips, your chances of getting financing will increase.

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