Top Things That Car Owners Should Avoid Doing To Their Cars

 Top Things That Car Owners Should Avoid Doing To Their Cars

Have you ever done something to your car which you regret in hindsight? Do not be embarrassed. We all have our fair share of stories. For example, This article discusses the top things that car owners must avoid doing to their cars.


  • Pressure Washing the Engine


In the past, many of us got our engines pressure washed. But modern engines are not like that. They have tiny electronic components, sensors and chips which can be damaged due to the sheer pressure of the water. Apart from damaging the engine components, the damage can spread to the other parts as well. The end result would be a costly prepare you would definitely not want.


  • Driving with the Engine Light On


There are countless dumb things to do in life. Driving with the engine light on is not one of them. It is not idiotic but just plain dangerous behavior. You can actually damage the engine, or the car can catch fire as well. Therefore, whenever the engine light is on, at once get it checked from a professional mechanic. Do not waste even a moment. If the light even comes on momentarily, do not disregard it. It is better to be safe than sorry.


  • Improper Inflation of Tyres


The recommended tyre pressure is mentioned on the owner’s manual and also on the tire placard. The placard can be inside the fuel cap, inside the driver door or inside the glove compartment. Always follow the recommended tire pressure. Overinflated or even underinflated tires can damage the tyres or cause them to burst.


  • Overload the Vehicle


Just like improper inflation of the tires is dangerous, so is the overloading of the vehicle. The tyres which carry the weight of the vehicle & the passengers inside it have a maximum capacity. Loading them beyond their capacity will not only damage the vehicle but also cause the tires to burst. In most countries around the world, overloading is a punishable offence. The maximum capacity of the tires to carry weight is referred to as the load index. The load index is mentioned on the tire sidewall.


  • Not Buying Car Insurance


Car insurance is compulsory in many countries around the world. But people despite it for many reasons including the cost. They only realize its importance once they end up in an accident. Do not be like those people and buy car insurance as soon as you get your own vehicle. Trust me when I say this that car insurance exists for your own benefit.


  • Revving up the Engine


We all enjoy revving our cars early in the morning in the hopes of warming it up. Some of our younger readers prefer revving the engine just for fun. Well, no matter for what purpose you are revving it for, it is harmful. You can damage your engine if you rev it to get the car warm. This is because the engine oil has not reached all the components yet and you are putting unnecessary strain on it. Similarly, if you are revving your car in neutral and immediately put it into ‘D’, the gear box will suffer along with the engine.


  • Coolant


First of all, do not substitute coolant with water. Secondly, only use compatible coolant. The car owner’s manual will contain a list of coolants which are compatible with your car. Using a wrong coolant can cause costly damage to the engine and other components. Therefore, always use a compatible coolant to ensure a smooth & comfortable drive.


Issac Schultz