One-Stop Guide of How to Use the Wallet to Transact

 One-Stop Guide of How to Use the Wallet to Transact

Ewallet VIP program are designed to reward the most active account holder who is using their service for a long time. The transaction activity determines the status of the VIP program. When you are entitled to use their VIP programs, you enjoy numerous benefits like; VIP fraud guarantee, multiple currency accounts, higher cash withdrawal from ATM, and a dedicated VIP manager. There are six stages of ewallet VIP program:

  • Bronze VIP
  • Bronze pro
  • Silver VIP
  • Gold VIP
  • Platinum VIP
  • Diamond VIP

Each and every VIP programs have their unique advantages, but the common one that are featured in every category are; fewer fees on ATM cash withdrawal, lower currency conversion fees, deception guarantee and around the clock special customer support.

Conditions for VIP Treatments

There is a bit for everyone, such a way six stages of VIP programs are formulated by the Neteller account. The current VIP status states the benefits which you are entitled to enjoy. Bronze VIP status if you deposit $10000 to merchants; Bronze pro VIP if you only register through ewallet VIP. Silver VIP, if you deposit $50000 to merchants, but if you register through ewallet VIP, you are entailed to this status with a deposit of $7500.Avail Gold VIP status with a deposit of $100,000 to merchants, Platinum VIP with a deposit of $500,000 and Diamond VIP with a deposit of $200, 000 to merchants.


Bronze pro VIP is not visible in the website, as it is an elite offer only available if you sign through some selected is one of those selected vendors, through it you can enjoy instant Bronze pro VIP status. There are other offers rendered by them through which you can inch up to Silver VIP. Generally, you need to deposit $50,000 to avail that elite status, but when you register through chosen vendors, you can enjoy that status with a mere deposit of $7,500 in one calendar year. Learn if your ledger wallet hacked.

Reward points

One of the key benefits of becoming a ewallet customer is to gather the reward points. For each and every financial transaction you make through this digital platform, you earn reward points. You can use these reward points for buying in VIP shops or redeem these points to cash, as per your preference. For each dollar you spend through ewallet, you amass a point (Platinum VIP user will get 1.25 per USD, and Gold VIP user will acquire 1.5 points per USD). 


With a Neteller account Bronze VIP card, you can withdraw $1000 from ATM on a daily basis, Bronze VIP Pro, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond VIP cardholders can withdraw the daily sum of $3300 from ATM. Bronze VIP card and, Bronze VIP Pro cardholders enjoy 1,000-anniversary reward points, Silver VIP cardholder 9,000-anniversary reward points, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond VIP cardholders enjoy 10, 000, 20,000 and 50,000-anniversary reward points respectively. The bronze to Gold VIP cardholders get one reward point for every USD, Platinum VIP cardholder 1.25, and Diamond VIP cardholder gets 1.5 reward points for every dollar spend.


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