Importing into Canada: Top reasons to work with a customs broker!

 Importing into Canada: Top reasons to work with a customs broker!

There is no law that requires importers to hire a customs broker. However, majority of regular importers in Canada prefer to work with one. Customs brokers are licensed by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), and their work is incredibly important for their clients.  Working with a known name, such as Clearit import brokers, has many benefits. In this post, we are discussing the top reasons why you should work with a customs broker.

Because you need help with customs consulting

If you want to start your own importing business in Canada, you must find know the rules, regulations, and compliance needs. Customs consulting is the foremost reason to engage a customs broker. They can offer a fair idea of what to expect with certain goods, how to keep the costs in check, and reduce complications. When you hire a customs broker, you are basically using their expertise and experience to ease importing, and it matters, especially for companies that deal with imports, consignments and shipments on a regular basis.

Because understanding relevant terms is necessary

From free trade agreements, ITN numbers, and regulations, to paperwork, documentation, time & process for customs clearance, and tariff classification, various factors matter to importers. Many importers and businesses don’t want to deal with the complications and further paperwork involved, and they would rather have a customs broker explain everything and do things on their behalf.

Because you want to get your shipment cleared

When your goods have reached Canada, you have to ensure that the entire shipment is cleared as soon as possible. If it’s not the peak importing season or holiday season, clearance can be done in as less as 20 minutes, especially when a customs broker is doing everything and sharing the information electronically with CBSA.

Because you want to focus on your business

Importing is probably absolutely important for your business, but eventually, your primary goal is not to focus on regulations and norms. Working with a customs broker just ensures that you focus on doing business, while the professionals streamline the process and further help with tariff classification and educing costs. It also comes in handy to have a customs broker working as an extended arm of your importing business, because you can seek help right away and avoid some of the common mistakes that can have serious consequences.

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Paul Petersen