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Tax Calculation Done Right for the Right Measures

In this article, we summarize the answers of FURS, given to the most frequently asked questions regarding the first package of tax measures introduced by the new intervention law to help the economy and the population. Furs corresponds to coronavirus Annual calculation of DDPO and payment of personal income tax advances Has the deadline for […]Read More

Look for The Right Solution Now in Tax

If there is no substantial interest (5%), the shares in private will fall to you in tax options. You will effectively owe 1.2% capital yield tax (income tax) annually on the economic value as of 1 January. The shares must therefore be valued annually (also take into account any blocking regulations). The dividend and the […]Read More

Things You Should Know About Hiring a Nominee Director in

One of the requirements for opening a company in Singapore is having a resident director. The director should be living in Singapore and should report to the government.  However, what about if the company director isn’t able to reside in Singapore? Do they need to give up on their dreams of opening a business in […]Read More

Who Needs A Builder’s Risk Insurance?

Introduction Builder’s Risk Insurance is a valuable addition for any organization or person who wishes to build. Be it a dream home or a towering skyscraper; all buildings are susceptive to the elements and other risks. And in an age where a pandemic keeps us in our homes, some policies have been revamped to reflect […]Read More

How to Start it Right with Your Personal Loan Application?

Personal finances can be a practical option in a selection of circumstances. First, let’s specify a personal loan. Some financings are set aside for a specific acquisition. You get a home with a home loan; you purchase a vehicle with vehicle finance, as well as pay for university with a student loan. However, personal financing […]Read More

What are small business loans? Check out this overview!

Small business owners and startup founders know the significance of getting funds in time. Sometimes, despite the best planning, there comes situations, circumstances and opportunities that require immediate financing. A small business loan is designed for such situations. With options like Accord Financial small business financing, it is possible to get loans up to $75,000, repaid within a limited period. […]Read More

Everything You Should Know About Pawn Shops

The need for fast cash is one that we all can relate to. With the sprain of this insane virus, we have felt the need to have quick cash during certain times. To that note, out of the solutions, one of the prominent is pawing the valuable things you own. Do you know that the […]Read More

Importing into Canada: Top reasons to work with a customs

There is no law that requires importers to hire a customs broker. However, majority of regular importers in Canada prefer to work with one. Customs brokers are licensed by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), and their work is incredibly important for their clients.  Working with a known name, such as Clearit import brokers, has many […]Read More