Paul Petersen

Marketing in 2022

Today we are here with expert Ermal Kopani to discuss the impact that marketing has on our ability to achieve our goals. In less than ten years, new technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, big data, and mobile devices will change the way businesses operate. As a result, marketing strategies will also look very […]Read More

Tips for Managing Your Investment Portfolio

The following tips are based on the experience of successful investors and will help you to create and manage your investment portfolio effectively. Define your investment goals: Before making any decisions about how to invest your money, it is important to first define your investment goals.  Hoping to achieve by investing  Generate income, grow your […]Read More

Fidomoney gains cyber essentials certification

Cyber ​​Essentials was developed in conjunction with industry partners such as the Information Security Forum, Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises Consortium and the British Standards Institution. At a basic level, the goal of certification is to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of corporate data from cyber threats. However, it is essential to […]Read More

Helprin Management Japan Preparing for New Cybersecurity Regulations

Every business needs safety and security, whether physical, financial or for compliance. A breach in security protocols could cost the company a lot of money in damage control, fines, and other consequences. All the more with cybersecurity since the internet’s fast connectivity also leaves a firm vulnerable to possible cyberattacks. One of the blessings of […]Read More

Acquiring An Instant Loan In Singapore Made Easy And Quick 

  A great benefit of fast cash personal loans would be dealing with financial emergencies as quickly as possible. However, with all loans, it would be vital for you to qualify for approval before you could access them. Rest assured that despite going through the process, it would be worth it as you would alleviate […]Read More

Five Reasons Why You Should Get An Immediate Loan? 

Do you need money urgently? Then you can instantly get the desired fund by applying for a personal loan online. Anyone can apply for a personal loan using quick loan apps. It is easy, fast, and convenient to get a personal loan from the comfort of your home by making a few clicks over your […]Read More

10 Factors that Influence Investment Property Mortgage Rates

Investment property mortgage rates are not determined by a single factor. Instead, there are loads of factors that can influence the rates you will be offered. In this article, we will explore 10 of the most important factors that can influence your investment property mortgage rates. By understanding these 10 factors, you will be in […]Read More

Different types of portfolio manager’s available

  A portfolio manager is a professional who helps investors choose investments, allocate assets, and monitor performance. There are different types of portfolio managers available, each with its own investment strategies. Active Portfolio Manager:   An active portfolio manager Scot French is one who actively buys and sells investments in an effort to beat the market. […]Read More