3 Ways to Buy Bitcoin in Africa

 3 Ways to Buy Bitcoin in Africa

Bitcoin is one of the most innovative as well as at the same time a controversial creation of the modern era. The term Bitcoin has been on the rise since its inception.  Due to the virtual nature of bitcoin, it is estimated that bitcoin will take over the major fiat currencies. Since this new technology is almost 10 years old, it has gone through various changes over the years. Experts claim that Bitcoin is now upgraded to ensure that its benefits will outweigh the cons. 

Where to buy bitcoin in Africa?

  • Chipper App

With the advancement of technology now buying bitcoins has become even simpler. You can buy BTC with chipper app very easily. There are also other platforms on the internet where you can easily buy bitcoins. When you use fiat currency for transferring money or receiving it, then the bank will take some charges as well. Sometimes it is not very easy to transfer money due to various restrictions. In Bitcoin, you can send or receive money from anyone, anywhere in the world. The only thing which needs to be kept in mind is that both the sender and the receiver have to be in the same network. In short, bitcoin was designed for peer to peer purpose. 

  • Bitcoin ATMS

There are many BTMs in Africa where you can purchase and sell bitcoins. But with these items, you cannot cash out the profits you make in selling bitcoins. The best part of using bitcoin as a mode of payment is that there are very fewer chances where your details will be tracked or recorded. For example, when you pay via credit and debit card, all your information gets recorded. On the other hand, if you are using bitcoin for any transaction, all your information will remain discrete. If you do not publish your bitcoin transaction, then it is nearly impossible to connect the transactions or the purchases to your identity. 

  • Use Credit And Debit Cards

You can simply use your credit or debit card to buy bitcoins from any exchanges. Hence, you can always use your fiat currency to buy bitcoins. For international transfers, bitcoin charges a very low transaction fee, making it simpler and cheaper to send and receive payments.

Bitcoins have many benefits and hence using them can be very beneficial. Nowadays experts say that soon bitcoin may become the major currency that will be accepted worldwide. Be sure to buy BTC with chipper app to capitalize on Bitcoins.

Paul watson