Month: <span>January 2021</span>

5 Suitable Reasons to Buy a Life Insurance Plan

There are multiple reasons why you must consider buying life insurance plans, and the pandemic is proving it again. Life insurance policies offer financial protection to your loved ones if you cannot be there. The policies come in different types, such as term policy, whole life policy, Unit-Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP), and more.  A life insurance […]Read More

3 Ways to Buy Bitcoin in Africa

Bitcoin is one of the most innovative as well as at the same time a controversial creation of the modern era. The term Bitcoin has been on the rise since its inception.  Due to the virtual nature of bitcoin, it is estimated that bitcoin will take over the major fiat currencies. Since this new technology […]Read More

A Review of Strategies to Pay Off Debts

  Debt settlement is a vital part of managing finances and helps consumers avoid difficulties. However, financial crises could happen to anyone, and they will need to find a better plan for decreasing their debt volume. A review of strategies to pay off debts could help the consumer restore their credit ratings and eliminate financial […]Read More

How Do Prepaid Card Services Work?

Prepaid debit cards are so popular that Americans have almost five billion of them. These handy cards give users an extra layer of financial security, easy access to their money, and a smart alternative to credit or traditional debit cards. Curious how prepaid card services work? This guide will explain everything you need to know […]Read More

Can You Pawn the Same Item Multiple times?

Sometimes, it may seem like you are caught in a perpetual loop of financial problems. You solve one problem and then another pops up. That’s life. You may have pawned your wedding ring a few months ago when you needed to pay for some unforeseen bill and now you find yourself having to deal with […]Read More