Month: <span>September 2020</span>

Manage High Debt Volumes with Consolidation Loans

High debt volumes present major hardships for consumers. Allowing payments to get behind increases the risk of defaulted loans, repossession, and foreclosure. Each of these events could lead to financial ruin and prevent the individual from getting ahead of severe credit problems. A debt consolidation loan could be the answer to managing high debt volumes. […]Read More

Important Things to Avoid during Credit Repair

Money issues are often inevitable. When someone is working hard to repair their good financial name, they may make mistakes. In many cases, getting information from Debthunch can help prevent these mistakes; however, this is not always foolproof. Additional help may be needed. Keep reading to learn more about how to handle money issues and […]Read More

Effective trading tips

Any company that seeks growth needs good negotiators on the team. In this last year as a business and sales consultant for partner agencies of Resultados Digitais, I followed closely several negotiations sites like, and some patterns – of success and failure – caught my attention. Negotiation is a natural practice of the human […]Read More

Tax Calculation Done Right for the Right Measures

In this article, we summarize the answers of FURS, given to the most frequently asked questions regarding the first package of tax measures introduced by the new intervention law to help the economy and the population. Furs corresponds to coronavirus Annual calculation of DDPO and payment of personal income tax advances Has the deadline for […]Read More

Look for The Right Solution Now in Tax

If there is no substantial interest (5%), the shares in private will fall to you in tax options. You will effectively owe 1.2% capital yield tax (income tax) annually on the economic value as of 1 January. The shares must therefore be valued annually (also take into account any blocking regulations). The dividend and the […]Read More